Supra Bumper Plates V2
Supra Bumper Plates V2
Supra Bumper Plates V2
Supra Bumper Plates V2
Supra Bumper Plates V2
Supra Bumper Plates V2
Supra Bumper Plates V2
Supra Bumper Plates V2

Supra Bumper Plates V2

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Supra Bumper Plates are made from rubber material, which helps to absorb shock and reduce noise when the plates are dropped. They are available in different weights, ranging from 10 pounds to 45 pounds and can be used with any standard Olympic barbell.

Our black bumper plates does not have a strong rubber smell like the Hi-Temp plates.

Overall, Supra Bumper Plates are a durable and reliable choice for any weightlifting or training program. They are an essential piece of equipment for anyone looking to improve their strength, power, and overall fitness.


We are affiliated with several carriers to offer you the fastest possible delivery. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours.

Flat rate delivery anywhere in Canada

-Pair of 10 lbs: $14.04

-Pair of 15 lb: $17.82

-Pair of 25 lbs: $24.62

-Pair of 35 lb: $31.43

-Pair of 45 lb: $38.23

Approximate delivery times:

-QC and ON: 1 to 2 working days

-PENBNS, and NL: 1 to 4 working days

MBSKAB, and BC: 2-6 working days

NUNT, and YT: 4-10 working days


Bumper plates from 25 to 45lb have a 12 month warranty. Bumper plates from 2.5 lbs to 15 lbs have a 90 day warranty.

The warranty for bumper plates does not cover damage caused by careless use. Negligent use is defined as, among other things, impacts on unusual objects or impacts with insufficient or damaged bumpers.)


Get a full refund within 30 days of receiving your order if you are not satisfied. Unlike warranty returns, shipping costs must be covered by the buyer.


The harder, the better

These bumper plates are slightly harder than most affordable bumper plates on the market, providing a rebound that closely resembles the rebound of competition plates.

Improved Finish

Get more durability and longevity with our raised lettering.


The slightly smaller collars compared to other brands will prevent your plates from moving around during your workouts.

*Despite the tighter fit, our plates are compatible with all standard-sized Olympic bars.


Rubber With Stainless Steel Collar

Sold In Pairs

Diameter: 450 Mm

Collar Opening: 50.5 Mm

Shore Hardness Tester Type A: 80±2

Thickness: 23/32/38/45/64mm

Weight Tolerance: ±1%

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