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SupraAthletique-Sept2021-51 - Supra Athlétique SupraAthletique-Sept2021-51 - Supra Athlétique

Competition box

Heavier, more stable.
dips_rest - Supra Athlétique dips_rest - Supra Athlétique

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Weight vest

Available in 14 lb or 20 lb
SupraAthletique-Sept2021-64 - Supra Athlétique sandbag150 - Supra Athlétique
SupraAthletique-Sept2021-62 - Supra Athlétique SupraAthletique-Sept2021-62 - Supra Athlétique
Force otherwise
50 lb to 150 lb sandbags
Who are we?

We are a Quebec based company that wants to make functional training equipment more accessible by offering better prices without compromising on quality. All this with an outstanding customer service.